Hello, my name is Katie!

I’m super excited to be taking a botany class this semester! I am currently majoring in Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife with a minor in Sustainable Agriculture. My coat of arms is representative of several different aspects of my academic and personal interests. My hometown is Tucson, Arizona and I grew up spending lots of time outdoors whether it was hiking or camping. I’ve always had an interest in natural areas and how components of ecosystems all interact with each other. I think this ties into my motto that I chose as well. I also enjoy learning about art history so a quote by Vincent Van Gogh connecting the two just made sense!

When I hear the word botany, I think of the many unique characteristics of plants and the important roles they play within ecosystems. Throughout the course of this class I hope to learn how to identify more plants across this region of Ohio. I also want to learn more about the ways plants impact the natural world. The environment and landscape in Arizona is definitely different from Ohio, so I’m excited to see what makes it distinctive. One of my favorite plants is found throughout Arizona and it’s called a creosote bush. It’s highly adapted to live in dry conditions, has pretty yellow flowers during the springtime, and smells really good after it rains.