Hello, my name is Elise!

I am a senior graduating in Autumn this year, majoring in Biology with a focus on pre-veterinarian medicine. While my studies center around animal sciences, I am also profoundly interested in all forms of life including plants! My dad and I have been growing plants together ever since I was little. He has a Jade plant that is just as old as me, 20 years of age. I have always spent lots of time outdoors and have even worked for Columbus Parks and Recreation and Gahanna Parks and Recreation on multiple outdoor education projects!

My plant projects with my dad vary in success but that may be from not always knowing what we are growing! We often get cuttings from other plants and attempt to grow them in water or dirt. I hope this class will give me better insight into plants in general and expand my knowledge about native Ohio plants in particular.

My coat of arms represents my personality and how I approach life. In the top left I have a little cartoon drawing of a cat with some small flowers surrounding it. I have grown up with cats and plants throughout my life and I think they symbolize me very well! My motto in the top right corner is a quote from a TV show, Parks and Recreation. The quote is from a character named Ron Swanson who was the director of the Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee. He says “Crying: acceptable at funerals and the Grand Canyon.” While I cannot say that I have been to any national parks yet, I am sure that I would cry at the sight of them. I love exploring and being outdoors so one day I hope to visit the Grand Canyon (and maybe I’ll cry while I’m there). In the bottom left, I drew an interpretation of a bus because I was born and raised in Columbus Ohio! Finally, in the bottom right corner I wrote my major, as previously mentioned, I am a Biology major with a pre-veterinarian focus!