A Tallgrass prairie consists of a wide area of flat land occupied mainly by multiple grass species and some flowers and forbs. Tallgrass prairies are found in the central part of the United States, and several can be observed in our home of Ohio. The main locations of tallgrass prairies in Ohio are: Oak Openings of Lucas County, Firelands of Erie and Huron Counties, Sandusky Plains of Marion, Crawford and Wyandot Counties, Darby Plains of Madison, Clark, Union, Fayette and Greene Counties, and Dry Hill Priaries of Adams and Scioto Counties. Some common tallgrass prairie species noted in Ohio are: common bluestem, Indian grass, Tall nodding rye, and Switchgrass.

Cedar bog, that isn’t a bog, but by definition is actually a fen, is located in Urbana Ohio and is renowned for its diverse and unique ecosystem. The unique ecosystem of Cedar Bog can be attributed to how historic glaciers retreated of the Teays River. The water remaining from these glaciers now flows up from beneath the ground and supports the whole ecosystem of Cedar bog.

My assignment was to find 2 species of “smelly” plants

  1. spice bush – Lindera benzoin 
  2. skunk cabbage – Symplocarpus foetidus